Meet Simba. He’s a Leonberger


IMHO - I’M HOrse

TBH - These Baby Horses

STHU - Save The Horse Universe

WTH - Wait, Tiny Horse

HTML - Horse To My Love

HXC - Horse Xylophone Called

UFO - *british accent* Unidentified Flyin ‘Orse


Original gif and then transparent still of Umbreon.

Others: X


remember when you used to watch anime in three parts on youtube


marceline is actually my self insert

Chai fox would like this k you speak of (unless you'd rather wait till after the first date ok)

the date ends with me in the hospital 

Dyna wants a k o3o


I was going to draw something to go with this but I’m not feeling it at all.

Anyway, here’s the summary of the main plotline for SS Eon, as well as relevant information from Jack’s backstory!

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Bunny falls asleep